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Life Coaching Services  Worldwide

Sandeep Adnani is a trained Life Coach who uses a mix of Neuro Linguistic Programming, rewirements, goal setting, challenging core beliefs and a variety of counselling modalities in his sessions. 

A life coach will help you:

  • Personal and professional goal planning and setting

  • Identify and break unseen habits

  • Build your self-awareness muscle

  • Stay accountable and future-focused

  • Overcoming overwhelm with intervention strategies

  • Gain confidence, bring back the spark and motivation

  • Overcome fear, self-doubt and self-imposed limits


counsellingLIFE provides life coaching services worldwide, giving clients the flexibility and ease needed to access sessions in a more economical way.


A life coach is different from a therapist. A therapist will help people achieve and maintain baseline mental health, using psychotherapeutic methods as they diagnose and treat mental health issues.


A life coach will help those who are already at a baseline mental health level, helping them identify their strengths and how to develop them, as well as identify weaknesses and what's holding them back. A life coach will help you uncover what is most important to you and what's standing in the way of that. It is a client led activity where you view your life from a different perspective.

Coaching will be done via phone or video call for $120 per 60 minute session.

To book a session and check availability please email and check our fees page for payment details. Conditions and questionnaire will be shared upon first enquiry.

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