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Video Counselling

Services in Australia

Video counselling services are convenient to both the client and the therapist, giving them the option to connect with each other throughout the working day, quickly and efficiently. Therapy & counselling sessions conducted via video can save people travelling long distances, taking dedicated time off and having to struggle to find the time needed in a busy day.


Video counselling in Australia has been very effective for young adults and millennials who are more comfortable using technology and the internet to communicate. Online counselling is also a chosen medium for those with hearing impairments. It provides a degree of anonymity that may reduce such social stigma and therefore prompt clients to seek assistance when they might otherwise have hesitated.


counsellingLIFE provides video counselling services in Australia for all major concerns that clients may have, giving them the flexibility and ease needed to access counselling sessions in a more economical way. Without the costs of renting a commercial space and associated overhead costs of capital, property, commuting and administration procedures when compared to traditional counselling services, counsellingLIFE can pass the savings back to the client thereby making their services more affordable.

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