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How our Psychotherapy & counselling sessions work

Your first session will be organised once:

1) Your payment is successful

2) You have filled out the intake form and signed the online contract which will be emailed once payment details are provided

3) An appointment is scheduled


At the agreed time, you will either attend a face to face session, or get a phone call or video call, as per your choice. Each session will last 60 minutes.


Your first session:

The first session will explore the concerns that have been filled in the intake form along with any other issues you may want to share. If you have signed up for only one session, then once a way forward is agreed upon, I will recommend how many further sessions will be required.


Further sessions:

Six sessions are recommended to deal with smaller issues and concerns, and twelve sessions are recommended for larger issues and core concerns. If additional sessions are needed, counsellingLIFE can schedule more as required.


Discounts for senior citizens and students are available. Check our ‘fees and conditions’ page for more details.

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