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Phone Counselling

Services in Australia

Telephone counselling services in Australia has become a popular model for support, giving people the help they need on their fingertips, in a way that they can fit into the busy schedules. While travelling to different suburbs or taking time off work or other personal commitments might not be an option for everyone, fitting in an hour on the phone is a simpler and often more attractive option.


It’s also the first choice for people who are physically disabled or unable to leave their home, or those with visual impairments. If you are unsure about therapy or uncomfortable about talking face to face about your problems with someone, telephone counselling may be more suitable for you than traditional models of therapy. It is also suitable for clients who are suffering from social phobias, agoraphobia or anxiety disorders. Some clients may be uncomfortable with receiving therapy, online counselling phone counselling services in Australia allows access to such services in private without having to visit the counselling center, effectively eliminating social stigma associated with receiving therapy.


When physical anonymity is important for clients, or concerns for bias regarding their gender, race, size, age or physical appearance makes them hesitant, not being face to face can help them communicate more openly and honestly.


counsellingLIFE provides phone counselling services in Australia for all major concerns that clients may have, giving them the flexibility and ease needed to access counselling in a more economical way. Without the costs of renting a commercial space and the other associated costs such as administration, commuting etc., which are borne by traditional counselling services, counsellingLIFE can pass the savings back to the client thereby making their services more affordable.

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