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Professional Supervision Services in Australia

Sandeep Adnani has been trained to be a supervisor using the RISE UP model and is registered with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) College of Supervisors (COS).

Supervision is an important requirement of being a Counsellor. Besides completing the hours per year to renew or rise up a level in your ACA membership, it also provides a space where you can discuss the following:

  • Client issues and goal setting

  • Case conceptualization and progress

  • Intervention strategies and future plans

  • Supervisee-client alliance and boundaries

  • Ethical and legal issues

  • Counsellor professional development

  • Supervisor-supervisee relationship


counsellingLIFE provides supervision services in Australia for all counsellors, giving them the flexibility and ease needed to access supervision sessions in a more economical way. Without the costs of renting a commercial space and associated overhead costs of capital, property, commuting and administration procedures when compared to traditional supervision services, counsellingLIFE can pass the savings back to the counsellor thereby making their services more affordable.

Individual supervision will cover all aspects of the professional practice including case management, personal support, education and professional development, administration and business building for private practice. 

Individual supervision will be done via phone or video call for $80 per 60 minute session.

Group supervision will be done by checking in with the group, working on a case or issue with every member, with inputs from other members. All members must participate. We will approach counselling from the person-centred approach, using a mix of modalities.  

Group supervision (minimum group size is 2, maximum is 5) will be conducted via video conference, for $40 per 90 minute session.

To book a session and check availability please email and check our fees page for payment details. Conditions and contract will be shared upon first enquiry.

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